Killing Me Softly -  Audiobook Download - Guy Hale - Tom Clarke Hill

Killing Me Softly - Audiobook Download - Guy Hale - Tom Clarke Hill

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Publisher: Hillside Global X White Fox Publishing 

Genre: Dark Comedy Thriller 

Author: Guy Hale 

Catalogue Number : HGLCN01 


Product Description  

  • Digital Download
  • First Edition 
  • Full Colour Sleeve 
     Hillside Global X White Fox Publishing are proud to release Guy Hales debut music-inspired novel, 'Killing Me Softly', set in the Nevada desert, commences with an electrifying introduction to Jimmy Wayne, a down-on-his-luck singer-songwriter whose fortunes turn around after he realises he's written the best song he has ever written. However, realism strikes when he discovers the song was written after committing a murder unintentionally. Wrestling with his desire for success and the morality of what he needs to do to achieve it, Jimmy starts searching out the most terrible people he's ever known. He also comes face to face with the ultimate question, what will he do for fame? Find out more in the next two volumes in the Jimmy Wayne saga titled 'The Comeback Trail’, arriving in late 2022 and summer 2023, respectively. 
    The book also comes with a fascinating 12-song collection that can be found in our CD section. The music for this soundtrack album was inspired by the novels main character, Jimmy Wayne, recorded and arraigned by Billboard-topping blues-rock singer-songwriter Mike Zito, featuring multiple Grammy nominee Kid Anderson.