All The World's A Stage - Guy Hale - Paperback Edition

All The World's A Stage - Guy Hale - Paperback Edition

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Publisher: Hillside Global X White Fox Publishing 

Genre: Crime Thriller / Dark Comedy

Author: Guy Hale 

Catalogue Number : HGLCN03


Product Description  

  • Paper Back   
  • First Edition 
  • Full Colour Sleeve 
    Hillside Global X White Fox Publishing are proud to release Guy Hales final installment of The Comeback Trial trilogy, Jimmy Wayne has set off on his major tour of Europe, selling out the likes of the Royal Albert Hall and Zenith, Paris. While Jimmy's fame is reaching dizzying heights, behind-the-scenes crime bosses, Jack Lantern and George Digbeth, are scheming ways to bring him crashing back down to earth. But it's not just these two he should be worried about. Jimmy's adventures in Europe have drawn the attention of crime families across London, Paris, southern Italy and Madrid and everyone is battling for a piece of the action. From recovering valuable stolen artwork to his mother's romantic escapades, will Jimmy survive the mayhem of this whirlwind tour or will the dubious, murderous circumstances to which he owes all his success, be exposed, for once and for all...?