Blood On The Tracks - Guy Hale - Paperback Edition

Blood On The Tracks - Guy Hale - Paperback Edition

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Publisher: Hillside Global X White Fox Publishing 

Genre: Crime Thriller / Dark Comedy

Author: Guy Hale 

Catalogue Number : HGLCN02


Product Description  

  • Paper Back   
  • First Edition 
  • Full Colour Sleeve 
    Hillside Global X White Fox Publishing are proud to release Guy Hales second novel entitled Blood On The Tracks. our main character Jimmy Wayne is headed for LA to make the new album that will hopefully make him a star. In a quiet, deserted canyon a few miles outside Blackjack lie the bodies of his victims who inspired each song – all his secrets are buried in that dry and arid ground. Can he leave his past behind or will the ghosts of his past come back to haunt him?