Thaw - Single Download - Christie Reeves

Thaw - Single Download - Christie Reeves

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Label: Hillside Global

Genre: Alternative Pop, Indie Folk

Artist: Christie Reeves

Catalogue Number: HGRCN12


Thaw is about feeling so much regret, just like a bad hangover, and how trying to please the crowd makes you forget about who really matters -  the ones that feel like 'home'. The choruses soar with bittersweet hope and by the bridge, there's no choice but to come face to face with yourself - the 'truth' - a theme which echoes as the song fades out '...there's no hiding from your truth...' 
Thaw is a song that encompasses the cyclical nature of relationships, with ourselves and others - 'will we see summer?' - drawing on the natural cycles of life to make sense of the nature of relationships. Perhaps ever-lasting summer isn't possible between people but, hope springs eternal.
Reeves' rich vocal and intimate, honest lyrics are the heart of the song with harmonies and a light, bird-song-like guitar riff weaving through the chorus, hooking you in.

"Thaw for me feels like a 'coming of age' story looking back on the time that I wrote this song, as it talks about the difficulty of people-pleasing, forgetting yourself because of it and really having to grow up fast in the consequences of all of that."